Planting time

It is the biodynamic planting time again. Planting with the moon and planet influences, roughly two weeks then two weeks break from planting to get on with all the other stuff. Here is a link for more info. Try it, it works. Reducing the need to water seeds and transplant as it works with natural systems of soil water and rain. It is also a good way of managing your time to make sure jobs get done. Although i still have conflict with all the other jobs waiting to be done.

At the field we are still working on our new static caravan, finishing off the insulation, painting and  kitting out. Also revamping the crew kitchen in the barn to make it a bit more hygienic. The rough earth floor now has boards down to cover it, so we can sweep up the food mess. We will fit this as a fixed floating floor at some point, but it is already a great improvement. Next job is to plumb the sinks in, so the waste water goes straight outside and waters the twisted willow. No plumbed water yet.

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