May into June

A lovely time of year on the land, the weather is good and the fruits of our labour are rewarding us with the first harvests. The first peas came a couple of weeks ago and now we have broad beans and courgette, all coming out of the tunnel. The first of the salad outside is ready now and the last of the purple sprouting broccoli is being cleared ready for the squashes and pumpkins. I may even dig up some new potatoes tomorrow.









We have been busy making the caravans habitable for the summer visitors. Mending doors, making steps and checking electrics. Dave’s renovation of the vintage Safari caravan is coming on, a few more days needed on it yet. The new static is almost in a fit state to stay in.

The ongoing improvements of the water recycling continues with help of Brian. We are now collecting from the wood shed for the outside nursery plants. Brian today extended the gutters on the polytunnel, so we will now need some bigger collection containers for each corner. I have bought the posts ready to add another roof extension onto the wash area, so that we can collect more water for the tunnel. We have also started on plumbing in the waste water drainage from the kitchen sinks. Which will make washing up a little easier, with waste water draining onto the forest garden to water the twisted willow that always suffers in the summer from lack of water.

Trevor and Clemont our current two wwoofers  have been busy doing carpentry. Having made some lovely steps for the Elite caravan, mended a bench and made a sink unit.

The lovely visiting Tamworth boar has done his job and has now left. He enjoyed his stay especially climbing into the bath on hot days.

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