July post

July is over so quick, not the sunny summer month we had hoped for. Just a few sunny days dotted in between lots of cloud and rain making it impossible to harvest the hay. Keeping on top of the grass generally has been a chore this month with mowers and strimmers breaking down. Once the grass gets long it is a battle to get it back down and paths become wet walk ways. That said we have achieved a lot this month with the help of four young wwoofers.

Hippolyte an environmental student from our twin town Derval came with Rosalie an agriculture student also from France. They took on the roll of looking after the animals for the month and were excellent farm hands helping out wherever needed. We also had Quintin from France and Aziat who is studying in France but from Butan. For both of them this was a new experience, living in a caravan, minimal services and working on the land. Much English and French was learnt and love and appreciation for the land grew. David managed to finish the vintage caravan just in time for Aziat’s arrival. It is great to see this in use again, it needs a coat of paint, but otherwise it is all solid and dry.

July we tamed the forest garden, sycthed grass, weeded, mulched, sowed seeds, transplanted plants, harvested, put together veg boxes and watered. Quentin helped Brian finish the roof on the toilet block to collect more water. Hippolyte and Rosalie dug and formed the wildlife pond. Quentin and Aziat painted all the wheelbarrows, so that we can get a few more years use out of the them.They made scarecrows for the scarecrow festival. For David and I this great team enabled us to take time off. We went to our sons graduation and camped on the Gower for the night to get a day on the beach. We then took a week of at the end of the month, first time since owning the field. We had a lovely week on a canal boat with family. A massive thank you to Aziat and Hippolyte for allowing us to do that.


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