Autumn bounty

How quick the busy summer passes into Autumn. The night times are cooling and colours are changing. The harvest bounty is in full flow. With gluts of tomatoes, beans, cucumber, melons, squash, plums and apples; so many busy evenings in the kitchen making preserves. We are yet to start with the apple pressing, but the apple buckets are filling with wind falls. It is a bumper year for fruit this year. Our plum tree is full for the first time in 3 years. We have had a good crop of cob nuts again this year, beating the squirrels to the harvest. The sweet honey due melons in the tunnel have cropped well for the third year and so tasty. We tried water melon for the first time this year and they were great, fast to crop and large tasty fruit. Thanks Jo Moss for the seed.

Our elderflower cordial has been selling well all summer, with bottles going to France for sale in Les Herbiers, Newtowns twin town.

One of the big projects for the field this summer has been the growing of 4 fully grown gardens in pots for the BBC. 12 weeks from beginning to end isn’t really long enough for fully grown harvest-able veg, but it is amazing what can be ready in that time scale; potatoes, kale, baby carrots, beetroot and turnip, courgettes, little leeks, peas and runner beans. Along with lots of herbs and autumn flowering plants. 4 gardens all planted on site now ready for filming.






The big construction project for this year has been the shower room. We started in spring and it is still on going. All made for recycled and salvaged materials. We now have a building with double walls and insulated, so it will be draft free. The shower tray now has drainage plumbed in, so it feels like we are progressing at last.



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