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Some of our cut flowers through the year


Amelanchier S/D: white blossom
Convallaria majalis (lily-of-the-valley) P: white scented flowers
Clematis montana C/D: pink/white flowers
Euphorbia such as E. characias and E. amygdaloides P/E: predominantly green foliage and flowers
Hyacinthus (hyacinth) Bu: wide range of colours
Magnolia T/D: white, cream, pink to purple flowers
Muscari (grape hyacinth) Bu: shades of blue
Narcissus (daffodil) Bu: shades of yellow and white
Smyrnium perfoliatum Bi: yellowish-green foliage and flowers
Tulipa (tulip) Bu: wide range of colours
Viburnum × burwoodii S/D: scented white flowers

Late spring/early summer

Anenome P: Wind flowers, in an assortment of colours
Aquilegia vulgaris (granny’s bonnets) P: wide range of colours
Cerinthe major var. purpurascens A: blue-green foliage, deep purple flowers and bracts
Delphinium P: blue, pink and white flower spikes
Dicentra spectabilis P: bi-coloured deep pink/white flowers
Dianthus barbatus (Sweet William)                                                                              Digitalis purpurea Excelsior Group (foxglove) Bi: white, yellow, pink or purple flowers  Gypsophila paniculata P: white flowers                                                                    Lunaria annua (honesty) A/Bi: purple flowers, attractive seed pods; (L. annua var. albiflora gas white flowers)                                                                                          Nigella damascena (love-in-a-mist) A: white, pink or blue flowers, attractive seed heads                                                                                                                        Paeonia (peony) P: range of colours                                                                          Papaver orientale (oriental poppy) P: range of colours                                                  P. somniferum (opium poppy) A: blue-green foliage, range of flower colours              Syringa vulgaris (lilac) S/D: white, pink or purple flowers, fragrant                      Thalictrum aquilegiifolium P: purple-pink flowers                                                            Alliums                                                                                                                              Aconitum


Agapanthus P: white, purple or blue flowers
Alstroemeria P: range of colours
Astrantia major P: range of colours
Calendula (English marigold) A: flowers in shades of orange and yellow
Centaurea cyanus (cornflower) A: blue, white or maroon flowers
Cosmos A: range of flower colours
Dianthus (pink, sweet William, carnation) A/Bi/P: range of colours, fragrant
Helianthus annus (sunflower) A: yellow to brown
Echinops (globe thistle) P: blue flowers                                                                          Iris hollandica (Dutch Iris ) Bu
Lathyrus odoratus (sweet pea) A: wide range of flower colours, very fragrant
Nicotiana alata (tobacco plant) A: white, green or pink flowers, scented
Lilium (lily) Bu: wide range of flower colours
Phlox paniculata P: range of flower colours
Rosa (rose) S/C: wide range of flower colours, many fragrant

Late summer/Autumn

Achillea P: pastel shades
Amaranthus HA: dramatic blooms
Aster P: mostly shades of pink, white and purple
Chrysanthemum P: wide range of flower colours and forms
Cornflower HA: cottage garden favourite
Cleome (spider flower) A: white to pink
Crocosmia (montbretia) Bu: yellow, red or orange flowers
Dahlia Bu: wide range of colours and forms
Delphinium P: Blues, spectacular hieght
Geum P: Orange and yellows
Helichrysum A: Colourful dried flowers
Helenium P: flowers in shades of yellow, orange and rusty brown
Marigolds HA: yellows and orange
Nigella HA: Dainty heads
Nicotiana sylvestris (tobacco plant) A: white flowers, scented
Perovskia atriplicifolia (Russian sage) S: grey foliage, blue flowers
Redbeckia A: orange cone flower
Sedum spectabile P: flowers white to deep pink
Statice HHA: One of the best dried flowers
Sunflower A: yellow, orange, brown, reds
Sweet Peas HA: scented
Sweet William HB: scented
Thalictrum delavayi P: purple flowers
Tithonia rotundifolia (Mexican sunflower) A: flowers in shades of orange
Zinnia HA: Focal interest and texture dries well



Callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldii ‘Profusion’ S/D: lasting bright purple berries
Cornus alba (dogwood) S/D: for colourful stems coppice regularly
Gaultheria mucronata S/E: white, pink or purple berries on female plants
Hedera helix (ivy) C/E: berries and foliage
Helleborus P: green, yellow, white, pink or purple flowers
Hippeastrum (amaryllis) Bu: indoors, range of colours
Galanthus (snowdrop) Bu: white flowers
Narcissus ‘February Gold’ (daffodil) Bu: yellow flowers, some fragrant
Hamamelis (witch hazel) S/D: yellow to orange flowers
Corylus avellana (hazel) S/D:  catkins
Sarcococca (Christmas box) S/E: white fragrant flowers
Viburnum × bodnantense ‘Dawn’ S/E/: pink flowers, scented
V. tinus S/E: white flowers
Salix (willow) S/D: colourful stems, catkins on female plants


Arum italicum ‘Marmoratum’ (lords and ladies) P: white marbled leaves
Cotinus ‘Grace’ S/D: oval purple leaves
Choisya ternata SUNDANCE ‘Lich’ S/E: golden-yellow leaves, also white fragrant flowers in spring
Cynara cardunculus (cardoon) P: silver foliage
Elaeagnus angustifolia S/D: silvery leaves
Eucalyptus gunnii T/E: silvery-grey foliage, best regularly coppiced
Fatsia japonica S/E: large leathery leaves
Gaultheria shallon (salal) S/E: red shoot tips, stout stems good for hand-tied bouquets
Hedera (ivy) C/E: green or variegated forms, berries in winter
Hosta P: heart-shaped leaves, many variegated cultivars
Ilex (holly) T/S/E: plain green or variegated foliage, also berries on female pants in winter
Miscanthus sinensis P: grass
Phormium P/E: sword-like foliage in green, purple or variegated
Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Tom Thumb’ S/E: bronze leaves



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