Lots happening on the land

So what is happening on the land in April?

This is the question i keep getting asked at the moment.

So here’s some pictures..






















Lots and lots of seed sowing in the greenhouse, polytunnel and outside. Contractor has been and ploughed the big field, the pig pen and a new area for flowers. The ridge and furrow minimum dig beds have been uncovered, prepared, 3/4 planted and mulching has begun. Dave has rotovated all the beds that needed it. Muck has been delivered for the field veg. Fresh, hot muck delivered for the hot box in the greenhouse. 2 loads of woodchip delivered for composting. Some of the hedges have been cut and the cuttings made into new dead-hedge wind breaks. Apple tree grafting. Tree planting. New greenhouses going up. Mending the mowers.

Still on the list for this week…is mend the tractor ready for disc harrowing the field. More trees to plant, seeds to sow, and seedlings to pot on or plant out.

Happy growing

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