Mid Summer 2018

I can’t believe it is nearly mid summer. Such a cold late start to spring and then straight into a glorious baking sun in late spring, we now found ourselves in mid June and the normal Welsh cloudy drizzle. But hey, it’s warm and everything is growing well. We had the first mass harvest last week, with lots of crops coming ready now. We have peas, broad beans, salad, spinach, chard, beetroot, rhubarb, strawberries and lots of herbs. The first courgettes are ready now too. We have green tomatoes that just need some sun to ripen them, and flowers on the peppers. I love this time of year, pay back for all the hard work. The flower garden is cropping well too. The season moves on fast Irises and Alliums have come and gone, but quick to replace them are Scabious and Sweet Williams. Cornflowers in the polytunnel are still doing well, but the ones outside have not come to anything (I think it was too hot and dry when i sowed them), must sow some more soon.

Elderflower season is here and we are making large quantities of Elderflower cordial this year.

Bottle will be sold on the Llanidloes Saturday market and in Great Oak Foods, also @ Cultivate shop Newtown.

Next is Strawberry Jam making.


The weather is looking to turn hot and sunny again for Mid Summers longest day this Friday and to continue for at least a week. So it could be the time to cut our hay.

We have been busy this month finishing off planting all the summer crops in the field and building a shower wash room for all the summer volunteers. It is progressing slowly, but it has begun (photos to follow).


We took a lovely walk over the other side of the valley to small the Laburnum that grows there and we got a lovely view back over our plot.


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