About us

Ash and Elm horticulture is a partnership between my husband David and me, Emma. The  name came from David’s surname Ashley and my initials ELM. Hence Ash & Elm.

We are based in Mid Wales, just outside the small town Llanidloes. Striving to enhance the long-term well-being of people and the planet, using agroecological practices. Through creating diverse systems that build biodiversity and strengthen communities. Providing local wholesome food and flowers to feed body and spirit.

In 2011 we started developing a new five acres plot of land using agroecological principles. Cae Felyn is the name we have given our new land, it is Welsh for yellow field; yellow with dandelions in spring, followed by yellow meadow buttercups and now planted with over two tonnes of yellow daffodils for cutting. cwm harry 2001. emma

About us – Emma and Dave

Emma. I trained in Organic and sustainable horticulture, I am passionate about local growing and strive to  encourage and assist anyone to get involved and have a go.

As well as growing our market garden I also teach horticulture, do landscape designs, advisory work, talks and assist in the establishment and development of community gardens. I am a director of Great Oak Foods local Organic shop Llanidloes and  Cultivate a workers and producers local food co-op based in Newtown. Since 2018 we started the Llanidloes Food Festival, promoting vegetarian and vegan food, health, diet and good farming practices. This has now become a yearly event in May. Currently working as a growers mentor for Mach Maethalon‘s Pathways to Farming Project.

26.5.12. david with his 1961 land rover

David has spent years working as a social care manager whilst also working our land. Now working on our own land to develop it as a sustainable productive market garden. He is a woodland worker, enjoying clearing overgrown gardens and returning trees and shrubs to their sculptural beauty. He is chief nut collector and monitors our hazel & cob nuts to harvest them before the grey squirrels.

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