Roll on Spring ’18

Wow, what a winter. Will it ever end. Stop, start spring, inter-laced with thick snow and the harshest of winds. Can we cope with any more, and can the plants and wildlife.

Today has been beautiful…blue skies, sunshine, warmth, and bird song. All the motivation to get out in the garden. But we are forecast more snow to come.

It has been a hard winter and we are very grateful we no longer have large livestock to care for. The poultry are not too much hassle, with automatic doors and feeders we only need a once a day inspection. Unfortunately the prolonged winter has done it for our bees, that is very sad; I had only checked them a couple of weeks before and they had plenty of food. This is the third time now that we have lost our bees in march. I am now doubting our bee keeping abilities.

Despite the weather the flowers are still opening up their throats to sing in the spring. I was asked to make a spring bouquet for a 70th birthday gift. A little early i thought, but it is amazing what is growing when you start to look. I bought in some roses and carnations, but everything else was in season Welsh and plenty of scent. A very happy customer got their wow factor.


Not been getting a lot done on the land, and very behind with the planting now. The hot box has been made in the polytunnel and has a few seedlings coming. Unfortunately the day i moved seedlings from the heated propagators at the house to the field hot box the temperature dropped to -5C. So I lost nearly all the cucumbers and lots of tomatoes. Normally i would be getting stressed by my lack of seedlings and worrying about plant sales and lateness of my summer cropping, but this year i am just letting it go (i am sure it will hit me later, when i have a lack of crops).

I have a dream of a greenhouse at the field, it will regulate the heat much better than a polytunnel. I found a bargain secondhand large glasshouse, but the same week the clutch on Dave van went, and my car got ill again. Can i really justify the expense on such a luxury? No i can’t, not on a grow your own income, not this month. I have now found a much smaller one, and i will always slightly regret not going for the giant. I can still have all the propagation in one place, but will still be fighting with enough space. Hurrah, No need to transport early seedlings around from house to polytunnel. We have also got the second polytunnel still waiting to go up, but i am a lot more realistic these days about how much energy we have to get these jobs done. I am not holding my breath on it coming together anytime soon.

Over winter, we have managed to get our house sorted; de-cluttered (removal of kids stuff from years past, and dead electronics). We can now up grade the b’n'b, and long term guest moved in last week. So we can now concentrate our energy back on the land.

Roll on long evenings and more sun


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